Pothole Check

Pothole Check

Stay Safe

Get your car checked for free at Volkswagen

Potholes are everywhere. If you've hit a few recently, you may have caused some damage to your car.

1 in 10 mechanical failures in the UK are caused by potholes.

Often, the problem they cause can go unseen, so it makes sense to get it properly checked over by one of our expert technicians. It's completely free and covers 34 separate visual checks for total peace of mind.

Our free Pothole Check includes:

  • Tyre check: Checking tyre pressures and examining them for wear, lumps and cuts.
  • Wheel check: Visual check for signs of damage and signs of incorrect steering alignment.
  • Suspension check: Looking out for damaged coil springs, ball joints and shock absorbers.
  • Steering wheel check: Inspecting vital components like the track rod ends and the rack and pinion.
  • Wash and vacuum: We'll make sure your car looks its shining best before you go.

Watch our handy video which explains the risks potholes can cause.

Terms and Conditions apply. Valid until 28th February 2017. At participating retailers only. Offer may be varied or withdrawn at any time.